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Oscar Yebra
 Username: oscar.albu
 Location: Valencia, Spain
 Profession: Spanish School and Accommodation
  • Native: Spanish-ES
  • Second: English-UK
  • Third: Italian
We are Escuela Albufera, set up at Cabañas Albufera, a camping which is 200m away from the beach in the L’Albufera National Park, and just 15 minutes away from Valencia city centre (Spain). Our academy is a great chance to learn Spanish in Spain. Nature is all around, and students enjoy staying at our wood made bungalows, in harmony with environment. Not only do we offer Spanish lessons but also we offer an incomparable holiday, to learn, have fun and to get involved with Spanish people and culture, and other foreign students as well. We like to consider ourselves as a great exchange point in Spain! And most important... We will provide you an unforgettable experience!
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