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Mehmet Yildiz
 Username: uht_holidays
 Location: Antalya, Turkey
 Profession: Unlimited Holidays Turkey
  • Native: Turkish
  • Second: English-UK
Unlimited Holidays is proud to be a part of WHL. WHL will help us show everyone that Antalya has more than just sea sun and beaches. It has history, culture and friendly local people. Unlimited Holidays is A class travel agent, the highest rank in Turkey. We organize all kinds of travel services within Antalya. We can make hotel reservations, flight tickets, car rentals, airport transfers, gulet cruises, outdoor activities, private tours, private organizations. We can operate these services with our Professional multilingual staff. We are also a member of TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agency Association) and ARO (Antalya Professional Tourist Guide Chamber).
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Miko the Kitty: "Welcome Mehmet to Munduslingua the Cultural Network. Thank you for joining. My name is Miko from the Munduslingua Team and I am here to support you in case you need help with any of the various applications within Munduslingua. In addition we invite you to join Turkey's group on Munduslingua in order to promote your plans and services but also for you to serve as an ambassador on Munduslingua for Turkey. Share Youtube videos, make voice announcements and more that can help others discover the many wonders of Turkey. Thank you."
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